Please Avoid This 5 Big Mistakes Why Looking for Job Opportunities

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Please Avoid This 5 Big Mistakes Why Looking for Job Opportunities.

Could mistakes in your approach to job seeking be the reason why you are struggling to find employment? In this exclusive article we outline 5 job seeking mistakes you need to avoid.

1. Searching alone

Gaining help from other people could make your job search more efficient, more successful and less stressful. Your friends, family and wider network can provide energy and support during your job search. They can also help with job applications, sector insights, interview preparation and much more. Furthermore, the more people you have helping the greater your chances of finding jobs that are not publicly advertised.

2. Junk applications

Sending the same CV over and over again regardless of the requirements listed in the job advertisements could significantly reduce your chances of find employment. Not only does it show a lack of effort and respect for the employer it also shows that you lack many of the skills valued by employers. Always remember that the jobs market in Zambia is extremely competitive and if you do not put the effort in to your applications another applicant will – and they will get the job not you.

3. Giving up

Job seeking can be extremely difficult and can be a struggle for even the most motivated and enthusiastic job seekers. As the weeks pass without finding a job it is easy to lose your enthusiasm and confidence.  Try to accept that you will have ups and downs as part of your job search and avoid burdening yourself with negative thoughts. Endeavor to stay positive and to do things that will improve your chances of finding employment such as learning new skills and doing voluntary or unpaid work. Consider borrowing textbooks from friends or trying any of the great free courses that are available through the internet.  Keep trying, keep applying and never give up.

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4. Contact Details

An all too common mistake is failing to provide the correct telephone number or email address. If the employer cannot get in touch with you then they cannot invite you to an interview. Check, double-check and check again to ensure that the contact details are correct. Furthermore, if you provide a contact number consider that a potential employer may actually call you – you should therefore ensure that you have a suitable answerphone message.

5. Lack of interview preparation

If your application has been successful and you have been invited to attend a job interview you need to ensure that you prepare to the best of your ability. There is no point in spending hours sending applications only to fail to prepare for the interview. Re-examine the job advertisement and think about the questions you might be asked and how you might answer them. Ask friends and family for advice, consider doing a practice job interview and think about some questions you might ask the employer.  You should also consider what you will wear and how you can  improve your non-verbal communication skills.

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