Discover How To Create An Impact With Your CV

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Discover How To Create An Impact With Your CV: In this exclusive article from, we explain how you can develop a CV that creates a real impact with employers.

Why do you need to create an impact with your CV?

We all know that the employment market is extremely competitive in Zambia. If you want your CV to stand out from the crowd you will need to develop a CV that makes a real impact on the employer.

3 ways you can create an impact with your CV

1. Design

Remember that before an employer has even started to read your CV they will have noticed its design. Therefore getting the design right is vital.

You can improve the design of your CV to create an instant impact through:

  • adding clear headings
  • shortening paragraphs
  • utilising bullet points
  • avoiding the use of multiple fonts and colours
  • improving the balance between text and white space

You can also view download several sample CVs  for free at CV Basics.


2. Structure

Employers generally like applicants to use a consistent CV structure. This helps employers to quickly find and identify relevant information.

An example of a common CV structure is shown below:

  • Name and contact information
  • Executive summary
  • Relevant work history and key achievements
  • Education and qualifications
  • Additional relevant information
  • References

3. Content

If you want your CV to be successful you will need to produce some dynamic content that engages the employer and compels them to find out more about you.

3.1 The Executive Summary

An Executive Summary is probably the most important opportunity for you to grab the employer attention and outline 3 or 4 reasons why you are suitable for the position. This section should be compelling and concise whilst providing the employer with vital information.

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You can find how to create an Executive Summary and view examples at: How to write an Executive Summary

3.2 Relevant Work History and Key Achievements

The Relevant Work History and Key Achievements section of your CV is another vital opportunity for you to make a positive impact on the employer.

Avoid the temptation to provide a complete breakdown of all tasks you undertook in previous jobs. Instead, include relevant information on your results and achievements and try to quantify these results and achievements  were possible (i.e. increased sales by US$ X or X% or reduced costs by US$ X or X%).

Remember that employers want evidence that you will be a successful employee. Including information on your past successes and achievements is therefore an extremely important way to demonstrate this to the employer.


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