First Atlantic Bank Ghana: Location and Contact Details

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First Atlantic Bank: Savings Accounts, Loans, Contacts Details and Lots more…..

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About First Atlantic Bank Ghana

First Atlantic Bank is a full-scale commercial bank with over 20 years experience in Ghana. The bank was originally founded as a merchant bank,and later in 2011 it became a universal bank with an expanded product portfolio.

They have won several awards recognizing our excelling leadership in customer care, trade finance and corporate banking. The bank offers distinctive service in retail, corporate and institutional banking as well as private banking and electronic banking. Each category comprises a range of innovative services designed to provide convenience to our customers.

Mission Statement

Providing superior Financial Solutions and creating value for stakeholders


“To be a global bank out of Ghana”

Core Values

The core values are summarized in the acronym I-CARE and serves as a constant reminder about what our priorities are on a daily basis.

Integrity – We strive for honesty and sincerity in our dealings with our various stakeholders while abiding by the highest professional standards and ethics.
Customer Centric – Our customers are at the center of all we do.
Agile – We are responsive to the needs of our stakeholders and our dedication to fast and timely results is second to none.
Resilience – We are able to withstand challenges as result of our perseverance and steadfastness.
Excellence – We pursue distinction in our service delivery.

First Atlantic Bank Savings / Hybrid Accounts

You can conveniently set aside some funds on a regular basis for that ‘rainy day’. The bank has an insurance cover that returns up to 100% of your account balance in case of an eventuality.

Atlantic Young Saver

The Atlantic Young Saver Account is the perfect account for persons under 18. This account provides instant access to funds for parents and guardians saving on behalf of persons below 18. This account can enable parents and guardians nurture the habit of saving money in their wards while saving for them.

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  • High interest savings account for persons below 18
  • Minimum account opening balance of GHS100.00
  • Minimum monthly contribution of GHS20.00
  • No monthly charges, monthly electronic statements and email alerts


  • An opportunity to invest directly in your ward’s future
  • Discounts available at selected bookstores
  • Competitive Interest earnings.

Atlantic Target Save

An Atlantic Target Save account enables you to enjoy the satisfaction of achieving life’s milestones without borrowing or depending on others. So go ahead, plan that vacation or wedding, get that gadget, home appliance, property or education. With funds that you saved!
Get an Atlantic Target Save account now.



  • Minimum opening balance of GHS100.00
  • Quarterly interest payments at competitive rates
  • Ability to pay in cheques and dividend warrants
  • Monthly electronic statements, free transaction alerts via email and SMS


  • Convenient access to your funds through our suite of eBanking services
  • Opportunity to save towards specific goals
  • Extra income through competitive interest rates

Atlantic Youth Account

You are young, bright and full of dreams. There iss a world full of opportunities out there. This is the time to go get it. Let nothing stop you from achieving your life goals. The Atlantic Youth Account lets you save towards achieving your dream future.An embedded insurance cover will cushion you against unexpected future occurrences; like the passing or permanent disablement of a loved one.So whether you choose to live life on the edge or play it safe, the Atlantic Youth Account has your best interests covered.


  • A hybrid account (savings account with current account features)
  • Earn competitive interest on balances above GHS200.
  • An insurance policy from Enterprise Life Assurance at a discounted monthly premium (starting from GHS2.90 monthly) rates subject to change
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An insurance cover that pays:

  • The equivalent of your tuition fees of (up to GHS5,000) upon the death or permanent disablement of a guardian until completion at the named educational Institution
  • Free eBanking (Atlantic Web, Atlantic Mobile)
  • No transaction cost (COT)
  • Atlantic Visa Card with discount offers at selected shops/outlets e.g. Silverbird Cinemas

Atlantic Flex Individual

You are a very special kind of person. Forward-thinking, aspirational and on the move. For you, the sky is not the limit. It is the beginning. You demand more of life than what is on offer.That is why we have designed an account that is just like you. It is not just about today, it is about tomorrow.The Atlantic Flex Individual Account is a unique hybrid account (savings account with current account features) for individuals with high credit turnover and high transactional needs.


  • Zero COT
  • Minimum account opening amount of GH¢500.00 and monthly interest payments on balances above GH¢2,500.00
  • Cheque book for withdrawal (not valid for clearing)
  • Standing order arrangements available
  • Free monthly e-statements and e-mail alerts and SMS alerts
  • Access to eBanking suite
  • No limits on withdrawals with your MasterCard World / Visa Gold
  • Personal Accident Insurance and Life Assurance at a discounted premium


  • Easy access to funds 24/7 via any GH-linked, Visa or MasterCard ATM
  • Secure means of building funds
  • Instant Transaction Alert
  • Interest on account balances
First Atlantic Bank Personal Loans

Sometimes, an advance would do; to cater for unexpected but critical expenses. Our Atlantic SALAD loan is designed to offer an affordable and accessible solution in such situations.
Atlantic SALAD is a temporary overdraft facility that enables salaried workers to draw up to a full month’s salary on their Atlantic Salary Account. The advance is repayable over 3 (three) months at very competitive rates.

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Atlantic HiLife

This is an interest free loan that enables salaried workers acquire personal household assets such as home appliances or furniture etc on flexible repayment terms.


Individual limit of up to GHS50,000.00 based on available debt service ratio.Interest free loan repayable in up to 12 equal monthly instalmentsAvailable for employees of reputable companies and public sector organizationsPurchase high value brands from reputable vendor partners with guarantees on quality*Terms and conditions apply on all loans

Atlantic Auto Loan

This product enables employees of reputable companies and public sector organizations to acquire new or slightly used vehicles at competitive interest rates.


Individual limit of up to GHS100,000.00 (for new cars) and GHS80,000.00 (for used cars) based on available debt service ratio.Long repayment periods (60 months for new cars, 48 months for used cars)Competitive interest rates (based on current base rate plus risk premium).

First Atlantic Bank Contacts

Location: Atlantic Place
Address: No. 1 Seventh Avenue Ridge West, Accra, Ghana
Telephone: +233 (0)30 268 2203, 268 0825
Fax: +233 (0)30 267 9245
Email: i[email protected] Ridge West, Accra, Ghana

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