Ghana Biometric Voters ID Card | How to Register, Requirements & Verification Process

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Ghana Biometric Voters ID Card | How to Register Online, Requirements, Id Card number checker and Verification Process.


The Ghana voters ID card is a very important document that every Ghanaian above the age of 18 should have. As a good citizen, you need to actively participate in the electoral process in Ghana. The primary purpose of the Ghana voters ID card is to improve accuracy, prevent multiple voting, prevent impersonation and prevent ballot stuffing.

The Ghana electoral law says that one must have and present identification documents before voting. This simply means that without your voter’s ID card, you can’t proceed to the next step where you are identified by the Biometric voter’s registration identification.

Importantly, the Ghana voters ID card registration cannot be done by proxy. That is to say, that you must appear in person before the registration officer at the registration centre at the time specified by notice for your region or district.

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Ghana Voters ID Card Registration Requirements

You might ask, how do I qualify to register for Ghana voters ID card? To qualify, You;

  • Must be a Ghana citizen.
  • Should be 18 years and above and of sound mind.
  • Should be a resident or ordinarily resident in an electoral area.

How to Register for Ghana Biometric Voters ID Card

The Ghana biometric voters registration uses biometric technologies with the use of computers, fingerprint scanner and digital cameras to capture your bio-data.

As such, you need to be physically present at your registration centre. Follow these steps below to register for your biometric voter’s card in Ghana.

  • Visit the nearest registration centre around your region or district.
  • Meet the electoral registration officer and provide you details. Some of the required information are; Name, Date of birth, Age, Sex, Residential address/house number of your present Abode, Name of parents (dead or alive), Home town/residential address in home town if different from present abode, and District where hometown is located.
  • Where you do not have any of the above, two registered voters may swear an oath and vouch for your eligibility by completing forms.
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Fingerprints Capturing and Photo Taking

  • The fingerprints of all you ten fingers will be electronically captured using
    a fingerprint scanner. The four fingerprints on the right hand will be captured
    first followed by the left hand and finally the two thumbprints.
  • In addition to capturing your fingerprints, your photograph will also be taken on the spot. This photograph will be printed on your voter ID card as well as in the
    voters register.

How Long Does it take to Get Ghana Biometric Voters ID Card?

You will be issued with a voter ID card at the point of registration unless your application for registration is challenged. Endeavour to wait patiently for your ID card before leaving the registration centre.

However, if your application for registration as a voter is challenged, you’ll be issued with a voter ID card only if you are cleared by the District Registration Review Committee (DRRC) set up in every district to investigate and determine the challenges.

Remember, your registration centre will be your polling station on Election

Ghana Voters ID Card Online Verification

A lot of people must have asked how do I verify my Ghana voter’s ID card online? The process of verification is very simple.

If you are a registered voter and wants to verify your card, simply send a text with your ID number to 6363.

Shortly, you’ll get details containing your name, registration date and voting centre. You can send this text using any network, as long as you used the number during your registration.

How to Apply for a Duplicate Voter ID Card in Ghana

You can as well request for a duplicate voter ID card in Ghana, just by following these steps below.

  1. Visit the nearest electoral office to your place of residence and collect a copy of Form EPIC. This is the application form for a duplicate voter ID card.
  2. Duly fill the form with all the relevant details.
  3. Attach the required supporting documents and submit the form at the electoral office.
  4. On submission, you will receive a reference number that you can use to track the status of your application.
  5. Your application will be verified by the Electoral Officer and on successful verification, you will be issued with a duplicate voter ID card.
  6. You will be notified regarding your application being processed and can collect your card in person from the electoral office.
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Ghana Biometric Voters ID Card Sample

Ghana voters ID card sample is necessary for the election process one must be structured to ensure that only legitimately registered individuals vote and that everyone who appears at the polls to vote are in fact who they claim to be.

Ghana Voters ID card

The voting process

  1. On the election one should to go to the polling station with correct documents, your voter’s id card sample and join the queue if there is any at that time you have arrived.
  2. A polling assistant will check your particulars in the name reference list.
  3. The officer will verify the voters ID card online verification with biometric machine to check if one is eligible to vote or he had applied for the card.
  4. One will be given a lot papers please be careful when checking if it has marks kindly call for an assistant but if there are no marks on it ensure it has a validating stamp.
  5. Make your way to the voting Booth and thumbprint correctly your choice of candidate.
  6. Cast your vote in the Presidential Ballot Box.
  7. Proceed to the next Polling Assistant for a Parliamentary Ballot paper.
  8. Proceed to the Voting Booth and thumb-print your of choice MP, cast your ballot in the parliamentary ballot paper.
  9. Cast your ballot in the parliamentary voting box and make sure, it’s in the right box or it will be rejected.

After all that you are required to please leave the Polling Station but you can return at 5 pm for counting after voting is complete.

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