How to Start Agriculture Business in Ghana | Beginner’s Guide & Procedure

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Agriculture Business in Ghana: How to Start Agriculture Business in Ghana | Beginners Guide & Procedure… Featured in this post is the overview of How to Start Agriculture Business in Ghana.

How to Start Agricultural Business in Ghana


Agric Business in Ghana: Agriculture is the backbone of the Ghanaian economy. It represents 22% of the country’s GDP, nearly 44% of nationwide employment but 74% of the Northern zone employment Notwithstanding the above, agriculture business, investment and development in Ghana has largely taken place in the south of the country with the massive farming of tropical(forest), cash crops, like cocoa and oil palm.

Therefore, the agricultural potential of the northern zone and irrigation possibilities is largely untapped? The North, with at least 8 million unused agricultural land with highly suitable soils, is open for large scale farming, development of modern agro-industry supply chains, poultry and vegetable oils, rice sugar, cotton, cassava, shea, high added value tree crops, livestock, aquaculture, etc. (credit: commercial agric investment guide)


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Building on the successful 2017 event in the Northern Region of Ghana, the 8th Pre-harvest Agribusiness
Event will highlight the Agro-economic opportunities to an audience of investors, policy-makers, business
leaders, academics, finance professionals, the Ministry of Food and Agriculture and key Government
Ministries, non-governmental and corporate bodies, farmers and farming associations, representatives from
the Agribusiness civil society, investors, financial institutions, input dealers, seed companies district chief
executives and relevant stakeholders.
It will further explore business opportunities and discuss the role of the Agro-based industries, in the
transformation of agricultural production and what must happen now for Ghana to overcome its
Agribusiness challenges and ensure its lofty hopes for future prosperity are met.

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Now, in its 8th year, the Pre-harvest Agribusiness Exhibitions and Conference is part of the successful high-growth, national and people-impact, transformational agribusiness exhibitions and conference.
It has become one of the leading events in the country, where farmers, businesses, government and ideas people meet to network, build capacity, learn and explore business opportunities, sign deals and close contracts.

It is by far one of the largest gatherings of value chain actors and agribusinesses, in the country since its inception and has over the years, helped farmers access new market opportunities, products, services and higher yielding inputs to increase agricultural productivity. The event features an exhibition showcasing leading agricultural organisations in the areas of seed production, fertilizer, finance, fisheries, storage, machinery, livestock, packaging & processing, food, innovation, ICT, government agencies, development partners, farmers & farming and associations.

Participants will have the opportunity to network with over 1000 actors, agribusinesses and policy-makers.


The content of the exhibitions and conference is developed by experts with in-depth experience of the
Agric sector. It is data-driven and research oriented, with a top priority to find and provide solutions to
challenges and issues within agribusiness.
The Pre-harvest Event will offer a unique perspective on Agribusiness in the Northern region, international communities, financial institutions, input dealers and a broad range of service providers.
The event has been praised as a one-stop shop location for business-like discussions between businesses, investors, financial companies, farmers and buyers on varying topics including volumes, prices, contracts and timing.

It has provided an effective environment to learn and share ideas, discuss the season’s outlook on
production, identify critical policies to support competitive marketing and to establish firm marketing
relationships for the forth coming harvest.

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Highlights of an evaluation conducted by a joint team from UDS and UENR involving a random sample of 159 participants and 21 exhibitors indicated that:

40% of participants were first time attendees, and 19% had participated in four or more previous events

9 out of 21 exhibitors (43%) had participated in a previous event

23% of participants rated the event as excellent; 55% rated it as good

21% of exhibitors rated the event as excellent, and 68% rated it as good

The most useful activity for participants was the market place (40%), followed by networking (35%), and the exhibition (23%)

76% of participants and 86% of exhibitors want the event to be organized again next year

79 out of 98 participants (81%) and 8 out 9 exhibitors (89%) who attended either
the October 2015 event in Tamale and March 2016 event in Kumasi made business
deals from those events

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