Introducing 4 New Innovative Ways To Manage A Demanding Side Hustle Job

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How to  Manage A Demanding Side Hustle Job: See Introducing 4 New Innovative Ways To Manage A Demanding Side Hustle Job.

With this Kenyan Economy, you might find yourself being locked out by the landlord if you’re not careful.

Bills seem to keep rising each day as the cost of living refuses to take a step back.

But most people are seemingly doing just fine…


Just how do they manage?

It has become quite difficult for an average Kenyan to survive with just a salary at the end of the month which is why the side hustle novelty is quickly gaining momentum.

And, woe unto you! ; If you’re still not hooked up with this new idea.

A side hustle job is a type of work/business that generates income for you apart from your full time job.

It might be something like an academic writing job, an online shop or a milk shop. It’s just any business that works for you.

Did you know you can easily juggle and manage this two and still remain on the winning end at the end of the month?

Here are the few tricks to help you manage a demanding side hustle

1. Organize , organize and organize yourself

For me this means keeping a separate work and side hustle agenda.

Know exactly when you’re supposed to do your side hustle work and reserve the official working hours for your full time job.

A timeline line with deadlines might come handy here (that’s if you’re that kind of a person who writes plan schedules)

I wouldn’t want you to get in trouble with your boss. So be wise!

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2. Make good use of the weekends

After a long day and week at work, it will take an almost superhuman will to come home and start working on another few hours for the side hustle business.

So instead of burying yourself in an ocean of work load and end up being fatigued on a Monday morning, come up with a plan that will work for both the week days and the weekends.

Categorize the light work for the week days such as sharing your pre-written content, responding to customer questions, and engaging with your audience on the social media platforms and reserve the heavy junk for the weekend.

You’ve got to put energy into the business at least to get it started.

3, Be assertive enough to say ‘NO’ when you have to

A side hustle requires an independent and self-directed mind.

It’s important to understand when saying “yes” to a commitment at work or to your side hustle will truly benefit you.

So if you are that person who doesn’t know when to say no even when you know your full-time job or even your health is at stake, then you might not easily manage the two successfully.

If you’ve had a busy week and you feel that a rest will really come handy, don’t be afraid to take a breather.

4. Talk with other people who are managing side hustles and learn from them

Who said learning is left in the classroom?

In fact you must have noticed that each day is a new learning opportunity for your side hustle job.

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So get hooked up with people in the same circles as you, handling the same challenges and benefits as you and get to share experiences.

Remember “you don’t know what you don’t know.” And the easiest way to learn and improve is simply to ask!

All the best in your side hustle job!

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