KNUST New Grading System for Degrees & WASSCE 2021/2022 Edition

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KNUST New Grading System 2021/2022, KNUST grading system for all programs, how to calculate your GPA, and KNUST grading system for WASSCE.

KNUST New Grading System

The Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Ghana grading system had been different from the other institutions in Ghana until sometime in 2010 when it was reviewed. While the rest were using the Grade Point Average system, KNUST stuck to Cumulative Weighted Average.

Since the adoption of the GPA system, KNUST grading scale is usually reviewed once in a while to match the current academic situation of the country. Read on to find out more about the grading system for KNUST 2021/2022.

Grading is important in every educational institution as it helps to rank the students and determine how each performs at the end of the study period. KNUST new grading system has been set to rank the students graduating from the university in this academic year. It is this set system that gives a first-class to one student, a second class upper, lower or passes to another.

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KNUST GPA Grading System

KNUST grading scale for the academic year using the Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA) is as outlined below:

KNUST GPA Grading System


KNUST Grading System for Class of Degree

The KNUST Grading system for class of degree is the calculated points which are used to give students an award of degree. Here is the list of how these points measure up to an honors’ award in order of the highest to the lowest grade.

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Marks                  Grade

70 to 100                   A

60 to 69                     B

50 to 59                     C

45 to 49                    D

40 to 49                    E

0 to 39                      F

First class a CWA of 70.00 and above

Second class upper a CWA of 60.00 to 69.99

Second class lowers a CWA of 50.00 to 59.99

Pass a CWA of 40.00 to 49.99

Anything below 40.00 at the end of all your academic year means that you can’t graduate. It means you have failed that particular program.

Each semester, the number of courses that one can offer differ from at least 3 to 10 and in some much an extent 11, 12 and even 13. However, interestingly a student doing three courses per semester and the one doing eleven per the same semester should all have their credit hours total between 16 to 21 and nothing less or more.

KNUST CWA grading system is still applied to distance learning students.T hey cover the same syllabus and are subjected to the same examination content as regular students, only that they get to study away from the University. KNUST IDL grading system is therefore calculated using Cumulative Weighted Average (CWA).

KNUST Grading System for WASSCE

The West Africa Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) is necessary for all Ghana students after senior high school, to determine their entry into the university.

KNUST Grading System for WASSCE


With the KNUST Grading System, students can start calculating to what class of degree there are likely to graduate with come the end of the academic year.


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