Updated List of Ph.D Courses Available at KNUST & Requirements 2023/2024

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KNUST Ph.D Courses Offered & Admission Entry Requirements 2023/2024,

KNUST Ph.D Courses Offered

This is the official List of Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) Kumasi Doctor of Philosophy Courses Offered, Admission Entry Requirements – KNUST PHD Courses, Updated list of KNUST Ph.D Courses available For 2023/2024 admission.

Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology Kumasi (KNUST) PH.D Courses.



1.Department of Animal Science

PhD Programmes

Animal Nutrition; Reproductive Physiology; Animal Breeding and Genetics.

2.Department of Crop and Soil Sciences

PhD Programmes

Agronomy: Plant Breeding; Nematology; Entomology; Plant Virology; Plant Pathology; Crop Physiology; Soil Science; Forage Production Management; Soil Management & Conservation; Soil Fertility/Plant Nutrition

3.Department of Horticulture


Postharvest Technology; Vegetable Crops Production; Seed Science and Technology; Landscape Studies and Postharvest Physiology.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements of the School of Graduate Studies, candidates with first class degrees in Agriculture, Horticulture, Agronomy, Biological/Environmental Sciences, Forestry, Agro-Forestry and Postharvest Technology will be considered. Candidates with degrees in Architecture, Planning, Geography, Fine Art, Civil Engineering and Building Technology may also be considered for programmes in Landscape Studies only.

4.Department of Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness and Extension

PhD- Agricultural Economics

Ph.D – Agricultural Extension


2.Department of Silviculture and Forest Management

Natural Resource & Environmental Governance

Ph.D – Silviculture and Forest Management.

Admission Requirements

A good first degree in Natural Resources Management, Agriculture, Natural Sciences or related areas.

3.Department of Agroforestry Ph.D – Agroforestr

4.Department of Wood Science and Technology Management

Ph.D– Wood Technology, Timber Engineering, or Furniture Design

5.Department of Fisheries and Watershed Management

PhD – Aquaculture

PhD – Watershed and Fisheries Management M.Phil/PhD – Aquatic Resources Management


– Fisheries Management


– Aquaculture Management


– Aquaculture & Environment

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general requirements, preferred disciplines are in Fisheries, Aquaculture, Biological Sciences or relevant aspects of Agriculture.



PhD– Art Education

MA, MPhil, MFA or MEd. Art Education or any Visual Arts discipline from KNUST or other recognised university. Submission of a proposal will be required. A good pass (70% or better) at an entrance examination is required. A selection interview will be conducted. At least Two (2) years teaching or School administration experience. Evidence of journal publication/conferences attended.

PhD – African Art and Culture

MA or MPhil African Art & Culture degree from KNUST or any recognised university; Evidence of prior learning and experience in Research Methodology at the master level; Submission of a Dissertation proposal on an appropriate topic in the field of Arts; Evidence of research scholarship such as Thesis, Project Report or journal publication; A good pass (70% or better) at an entrance examination and selection interview to be determined by the Departmental Board; at least two

(2)years of working experience

2.Department of Painting and Sculpture

Ph.D Painting, Sculpture, and Painting &Sculpture


Ph.D (Economics) – A good first degree in Economics at least Second Class (Upper Division) plus a good masters degree in economics or related field at least an overall grade of a B or equivalent, with sufficient background in Microeconomics, Macroeconomics and Econometrics from a recognized tertiary institution. A good background in statistics and Mathematics will be an added advantage. A thesis proposal on the proposed thesis topic is required. Admission is subject to passing an interview.

Department of Modern Languages

Ph.D French

Admission Requirements

Candidates must hold a Master’s degree in French from a recognised University and must submit a research proposal acceptable to the Postgraduate Coordinating Team. In addition, candidates will be required to pass a selection interview.

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Department of English

Ph.D (in literature)

Admission Requirements

For admission into the PhD programme, an applicant should possess an MA or MPhil in English. In addition, candidates in the Department’s MPhil programme, who perform well in their first year of course work, may be recommended by the Department for transfer to the PhD programme

Department of Geography and Rural Development


Admission Requirements

Candidates shall possess an MA or MPhil. Admission is subject to passing an interview.

Department of Building Technology

PhD (Building Technology)

Admission Requirements

A candidate shall hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent from a recognized institution in Architecture, Building Technology, Quantity Surveying and Civil Engineering.

A Candidate shall submit evidence of adequate training and ability to undertake the programme

Candidates must have a minimum of two years relevant industrial or research experience

Candidates must attend an interview session and pass the interview before admission

Candidates must submit a sustainable proposal and workable programme that fit into the construction industry and acceptable to the Department Board.

Department of Planning

Ph.D – Development Studies/ Planning (by research)

Admission Requirements

Ph.D in Development Studies/Ph.D in Planning: candidate must hold the M.Phil degree in Development Studies from the Department of Planning or a Master’s degree in a relevant subject from a recognised University. Candidates with Master’s degrees in a relevant subject from an institution other than the Department of Planning may have to do extra work to meet graduation requirements.

Department of Land Economy

Ph.D (Land Management)



1.Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Pharmaceutical Analysis and Quality control; Medicinal Chemistry; Phytochemistry including Bioactivity and Safety testing of Photochemicals; Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism; Kinetics of Drug Decomposition and Stability of Drug products; Powder Technology; Gum Technology and Stability Studies; Formulation and Stability Studies; Herbal Medicinal Plants Research;Antimicrobial Agents and their actions; Microencapsulation; Preservation Pharmaceuticals; Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery.

Admission Requirements

Candidates with a good first degree in Pharmacy, Chemistry or Biochemistry may be considered for admission

Department of Pharmaceutics

PhD– Pharmaceutics

PhD-Pharmaceutical Microbiology

Admission Requirements

Candidates with a good first degree in pharmacy, Biochemistry, Chemistry, Microbiology or other related disciplines of this University or an approved institution may be considered for admission.

Department of Pharmacology


Pharmacology and Toxicology; Natural products with anti-inflammatory and analgesic activity; Safety Assessment and Toxicology of Natural Products and CNS Activity of Local Medicinal Plants.

Admission requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, candidates with equivalent qualification in Medicine and the Basic Sciences may be considered for admission.

4.Department of Pharmacognosy


Phytochemistry; Phytopharmaceutical Analysis and Quality Control; Standardization of Herbal Preparation; Herbal Medicinal Plants Research; Ethnopharmacological Studies; Toxicity of Herbal Preparations; Nutriceuticals Research; Natural Product Chemistry; Research into Antimicrobial Agents and their actions; Wound Healing Agents; Antimalarial agents from plant; Agents for Soil – transmitted Helminthiasis (STH); Mosquito repellent agents from plantsAnti-hypertensives; Anti-diabetic agents research; Antiinflammatory and analgesic agents research; Research into Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and agents to combat them; Anti-asthmatic agents; Effect of radiation on medicinal plants and foods.

Admission Requirements

In addition to the general entry requirements, applicants with a good Bachelor’s degree or a recognized qualification in Pharmacy, Biological Sciences, Botany, Chemistry, Biochemistry, other basic sciences and related areas will be considered for admission.

Department of Clinical & Social Pharmacy

PhD – Clinical & Social Pharmacy



MSc/MPhil degree in Clinical or Social Pharmacy or relevant health-relateddiscipline.

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MSc- a First degree in Pharmacy or relevant health-related discipline.


1.Department of Community Health

PhD – Community Health

Admission Requirements


I.A candidate shall hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent from a recognised institution and shall submit evidence of adequate training and

ability to undertake the proposed programme.

II.Candidates who do not hold a Master’s degree shall first register for a Master’s degree by research. If proven to be of sufficient calibre by the

end of the first year of the programme, they may be permitted by the Board, to register for the PhD degree. This registration shall be deemed retrospective from the date of the original registration for the Master’s degree.

III.Candidates who do not satisfy the requirement stated above but are otherwise adjudged suitable may be admitted. For the purpose of assessing his suitability, such candidates may be interviewed or be required to take entrance examination, or both, as directed by the Board

on the recommendation of the appropriate Department Board.

IV. Candidate may be required, on the recommendation of the Department concerned, to audit appropriate courses.

Admission Requirements


Candidates must possess a good first degree in any of the life sciences such as Medicine, Nursing, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Environmental Health, etc.

Department of Clinical Microbiology

Ph.D -Clinical Microbiology

Candidates for the M.Phil/PhD programmes should contact the Head of Department on their proposed research projects before applying.

Department of Molecular Medicine

PhD – Chemical Pathology. A good degree in M.Phil Chemical Pathology or MSc Clinical Biochemistry in a recognized university. Prospective candidates should be successful at pre-admission interview.

PhD – Immunology. A good degree in M.Phil Biological Sciences, Biochemistry or MSc in Immunology or any of the Life Sciences in a recognized University. Prospective candidates should be successful at a pre-admission interview.

Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

PhD in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology

MSc/MPhil in Human Anatomy and Cell Biology, Biological Sciences, Biomedical Sciences, Medical Laboratory Technology from a recognised university. The candidate should have a flare for laboratory work or research. Prospective candidates should be successful at pre-admission interview


Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology

PhD Biochemistry

Admission Requirements

The candidate must have a minimum of first degree in the Life Sciences or Chemistry on condition that the candidate will audit basic Biology/Biochemistry courses. In rare cases where the background is lacking, the student must enrol in undergraduate classes first in order to make up the deficiencies.

Department of Food Science and Technology

PhD Food Science and Technology

All prospective candidates in the following disciplines are eligible to apply: MPhil Food Science, MSc Food Science and Technology,

MSc Chemical Engineering or a suitable MPhil equivalent. Some candidates may have to pass an interview and/ or audit some post graduate course work.

Department of Theoretical and Applied Biology


Plant Pathology; Experimental Taxonomy; Microbiology; Animal Plant Physiology; Entomology; Genetics; Limnology and Fisheries; Pollination and Ecology of Crop Plants; Parasitology; Ecology.

General Requirements: Food Science & Technology and Biochemistry & Biotechnology.

A Statement of intent, including a brief discussion (not exceeding 1500 words) of educational goals and career projections. Applicant may also include a copy of previous written scientific work

Department of Chemistry 


Analytical Chemistry; Environmental Chemistry; Inorganic and Coordination Chemistry; Inorganic and Natural Products; Physical Chemistry; Polymer Science and Technology; and Computational Chemistry.

Department of Physics

PhD Geophysics


Oil and Gas Exploration,

Mineral and Groundwater Exploration; Environmental Geophysics; Seismololgy & Earthquake Studies and Geophysics of Impact Craters.

ii.PhD Materials Science


Waste Recycling; Polymeric materials plastic processing; Zeolites and Zeolitic materials

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iii.PhD Solid State Physics


Thin film Semiconducting Material for solar cell applications, Ferroelectric Materials; renewable energy systems (photovoltaics and fuel cells) and Surfaces and Interfaces of Solid State Materials Climate change studies Atmospheric modelling and remote sensing.

PhD Environmental Physics


Atmospheric Physics; Meteorology and Climate Science: focuses on local and regional climate processes; Soil Pollution and Waste Management.

PhD Pure MathematicsOptions (Research Areas)

Functional Analysis; Differential Geometry; AlgebraTopology and AnalysisNumber Theory.

PhD Applied MathematicsOptions (Research Areas)

Operations Research; Mathematical Physics; Mathematical Biology; Modelling with differential equations; Computational Mathematics; Mathematical Sciences; Inverse problem of integral equation.

PhD Mathematical StatisticsOptions (Research Areas)

Stochastic ProcessesSimple Survey TheoryStatistical ModelsTime Series AnalysisMultivariate AnalysisCategorical Data AnalysisBiostatisticsDesign of ExperimentsNon Parametrics.

PhD Actuarial ScienceOptions (Research Areas)

Financial Derivatives; Portfolio Theory; Econometrics of Financial Markets; Computational Finance; Risk Management; Fixed Income Securities; Health Insurance; Re-Insurance; Pensions; Risk Theory; Statistical Tools for insurance; Selection of Risk; Life insurance; Non-Life Insurance.

Admission Requirement

Candidates for a PhD in Mathematics/Statistics must hold an MPhil or MSc degree in Mathematics/Statistics with a strong research background and must independently be able to carry out original scientific research. Qualified applicants will be interviewed.


1.Department of Civil Engineering


Geotechnical Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Structural Engineering

Water Resources Engineering

Transportation Engineering

Admission requirements:

Candidates must have a Master’s degree or its equivalent and demonstrate strong aptitude for research

Department of Geomatic Engineering

Ph.D – Geomantic Engineering

Department of Electrical/Electronic Engineering 

PhD – Telecommunication Engineering

PhD candidates shall hold a Master’s degree or its equivalent in Electrical or Telecommunication Engineering.

Department of Computer Engineering

PhD -Computer Engineering

Department of Chemical Engineering

Ph.D – Chemical Engineering

Admission requirements:


Applicants must possess an MSc or MPhil degree from a recognised university. The first degree of the applicant should be first class or second class upper division or its equivalent in Chemical Engineering or in a related field.

Course work


Courses to be taken by students in addition to the core courses will be determined by the advisory committee of the department. There is ample opportunity to take courses, which lead to a broader perspective of the candidate.

Department of Agricultural Engineering


Agricultural Machinery Engineering; Bio-Engineering

Agro-Environmental Engineering; Food and Postharvest

Engineering; Soil and Water Engineering; Agricultural


Contact Person at K-AISWAM: 0202286016/0244758977

Venue: KNUST Ashalley Botwe Campus, Accra.


Candidates who satisfy the entry requirement can contact;





Also, for enquiries prospective candidates may call 03220- 62139 for the Secretary.


Those intending to pursue Distance Learning Programmes should not purchase this form/eVouchers. You should contact Institute of Distance learning on 0322060013/14

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