Check List of Low Tuition Universities In France

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Are you looking for Low Tuition Universities In France? according to team research, here is the list of Low Tuition Universities In France.

Low Tuition Universities In France

We have compiled a list of these low tuition universities and we are posting it here so you can contact the school directly and get more information.

Universities in France offer high-quality education at an affordable rate to international students. Tuition fees in the public universities are low and extremely affordable, usually ranging from €200 to €1000 in public universities. Students are also allowed to work part-time to support their study.

Here Is The List Of Low Tuition Universities In France:

  1. Jean Monnet University
  2. Claude Bernard University
  3. Henri Poincare University
  4. Joseph Fourier University
  5. Blaise Pascal University
  6. Paris13 University
  7. European Center For Advanced International Studies
  8. Garden Design Academy
  9. IESEG School of Management
  10. Institut Commercial de Nancy
  11.  Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse
  12. University Bordeaux I
  13. Universite Catholique de Lille
  14. Universite Catholique  de Lyon
  15. Universite d’Aix-Marseille III
  16. Universite d’Orleans
  17. Universite de Metz
  18. Universite de Montpellier I
  19. Universite de Montpellier II
  20. Universite de Nantes
  21. Universite de Reims
  22. Universite de Savoie


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