5 CV Tips: Never Send CV Twice

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Never Send CV Twice.

Have you fallen into the trap of sending the same CV and cover letter for each job you see advertised? In the latest article from eduloaded.org we outline 5 reasons why should never send the CV twice.

1. Instant rejection

Employers can easily spot a CV and cover letter that is used multiple times. This is because CVs and cover letters that are submitted to multiple jobs fail to match the specific requirements listed in the job advertisement. Employers spend time and effort creating job advertisements to give you information on what they require. A good applicant will use this information to develop a CV and cover letter that specifically meets these needs. If you do not do this then could be missing out numerous jobs as employers may instantly reject your application.


2. Low score 

Did you know that many employers use a scoring system to grade applications? Applicants score points when they meet one of the requirements stipulated in the job advertisement. Applicants with the most points are then invited to interview and those with the fewest points are rejected. By failing to alter your CV and cover letter you will miss out on a lot of points and a lot of interviews.

3. New skills, experiences and achievements

You learn something new every day. By sending the same CV and cover letter each time you could be failing to include information on your latest skills and experience. Ensure that you keep an up to date log of all your new skills, experience and achievements. You can then refer to this log when drafting applications. This will help you  to ensure that you include all your relevant and latest skills, experiences and achievements.

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4. Personality clues

Most employers like to see that some effort has gone into an application. A person who puts effort into their application is more likely to be the type of person who puts effort into their work. Similarly, a person who cuts corners and just sends the same CV and cover letter as they always do might come across as the type of person who will cut corners at work. Always ensure that you do some research before applying and make it clear what interests you about each particular role and organisation.


5. Incorrect contact information

If you are sending out the same CV it could be that you contact details have changed so even if your CV got shortlisted the employer would not be able to contact you. You should therefore always ensure that you check your contact details are up to date before submitting each CV and cover letter.


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