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Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP). Here is the overview of the Northern Rural Growth Programme.

Northern Rural Growth Programme

The programme works with poor rural people to develop income-generating agricultural activities supplementing subsistence farming, which currently predominates in the north. NGRP also supports the process through which the resulting commodities are directed towards markets in southern Ghana and abroad.

Ultimately, the goal is to achieve sustainable rural livelihoods and food security in northern Ghana, particularly for people who are dependent on marginal lands, rural women and other vulnerable groups.

NGRP focuses on strengthening the linkages among the various actors in agricultural value chains – including producers and their organizations, suppliers, service providers, financial institutions, aggregators, ‘off-takers’ (such as processors, traders and exporters), researchers and administrators. The programme supports private-public partnership arrangements to ensure smallholders’ access to finance and markets. It backs up these arrangements with technical assistance and institutional support, as well as investments in productive infrastructure and technology.

Northern Rural Growth Programme (NRGP)

The overall sector goal of the program is to contribute to an equitable and sustainable poverty Reduction and food security among rural households. The specific objective is to increase northern Ghana area rural households’ income on a sustainable basis.


The proposed program would be implemented in 32 districts located in northern Ghana over a six-year period under four components:

  • Commodity Chain Development;
  • Rural Infrastructure Development;
  • Access to Financial Services; and
  • Program Coordination. The following is a brief summary of the Program description.

The program will have positive social impact on men, women and youths in the program area. About 372,000 rural households or three million people living in these households will directly or indirectly benefit from the program. An estimate of 1.56 million of women will also benefit from the program.

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NRGP addresses the priorities of the Government of Ghana in the pursuit of poverty reduction as describe above. NRGP will contribute to achieving the objectives of the Millennium Development Goals (MDG) and the NEPAD’s Comprehensive African Agricultural Development Program (CAADP).


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