Onassis Foundation Program for International Scholars

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Onassis Foundation Fellowship Program for International Scholars (Funded)

Applications are open for the Onassis Foundation Fellowship Program for International Scholars. The Fellowship Program is aimed at academics of all ranks – members of national Academies, Ph.D. holders and post-doctoral researchers – to conduct research in Greece in subjects relating to Greek culture and society.

The scholarships are also aimed at citizens of Cyprus who are not Greek residents, while the Greek diaspora, second generation Greeks, and Greeks who permanently reside abroad and have been studying or have been employed in foreign Universities for over 10 or 15 years, may also be accepted.

The Program aims at promoting Greek language and culture abroad, thereby creating and encouraging ties of friendship and cooperation between members of the academic community. The selection is based on the recommendations made by special committees consisting of professors, scientists and former scholars, and is validated by the Foundation’s Board of Directors.


  • Coverage of the travel expenses for a round trip air-ticket from and to the country and place where the fellowship recipient permanently resides, for the beginning of the scholarship and upon definite departure from Greece, that amount:
    • up to Three Hundred Euros (€300.-) for a European country or
    • up to One Thousand Euros (€1,000.-) for transatlantic travel to and from countries of Asia and Africa
  • Fellowship recipients will be solely responsible for the purchase of their tickets
  • A monthly allowance of One Thousand Three Hundred Euros (€ 1,300.-) for subsistence, accommodation and all other expenses.


  • Eligible to participate are the following candidates:
    • Persons of non-Greek descent
    • Cypriot citizens are also eligible to apply provided they permanently reside and work outside Greece
    • Persons of Greek descent (second generation and on) are also eligible to apply provided they permanently reside and work abroad or currently study in foreign Universities
    • Scholars of Greek descent or citizenship provided they have a professional academic career of at least ten (10) years in a university or research institute abroad
  • All applicants must have already completed their Ph.D.
  • Former Fellowship Recipients of the Foundation can re-apply for a fellowship only if five (5) years have elapsed since their previous fellowship
  • Former Fellowship Recipients of the Foundation who have twice received a fellowship cannot apply again
  • No extension of the duration of the fellowship beyond the period mentioned for each category will be permitted
  • It is not possible to postpone or defer the fellowship to a later academic year
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Assessment Criteria

  • Candidate’s academic background
  • Recent publications in peer-reviewed & scientific journals, conference presentations & research experience of the candidate
  • Originality of the research project, particular scientific interest and social reward for Greece
  • The text that analyzes the reasons for choosing the specific collaboration with the university department, the scientific laboratory or collaboration researcher in Greece
  • The reference letters and their signatories
  • During the assessment process, priority is given to candidates who have arranged to deliver courses/seminars in their field of expertise and especially on the subject of their research


The following documents are required for complete application:

  • One (1) passport size photograph
  • A copy of passport or ID
  • A detailed Curriculum Vitae/ List of publications
  • Α photocopy of the Ph.D. degree
  • Α certificate from the candidate’s University attesting the exact academic position of the applicant (for University Professors of all academic ranks)
  • A letter from the candidate including the following information and stated in the following order:
    • The title, purpose and specific object of the research that the candidate intends to conduct in Greece. Additionally, the candidate must mention why it is deemed necessary for him/her to carry out research in Greece
    • Any research in Greece in which candidates are currently involved
    • Any previous collaboration with universities, institutions or research centres in Greece
    • Description of the proposed lessons/seminars as part of the teaching activities.
    • Names and contact details of the members of the greek academic community and universities, institutions or research centres the candidate intends to collaborate with
    • The proposed period for the fellowship
    • Knowledge of the Greek language, whenever not necessary by definition for scholarly purposes, is not a prerequisite. However, elementary knowledge of the Greek language will be favourably taken into consideration;
  • An acceptance letter from a full professor or tenured professor of a Greek Public University stating the professor’s agreement to collaborate with the candidate on the specific project. The professor certifies that he/she is willing to be responsible for the progress of the research/teaching activities of the candidate during the fellowship in Greece. The professor is bound to send, at the end of the fellowship, a final progress report with which he/she describes the benefits of the scientific collaboration with the fellowship recipient;
  • A certificate of the academic institution, university or research center, to which the candidate belongs, that supports the research proposal of the applicant in Greece. The certificate should also state that the candidate is allowed to come to Greece for the realization of the research project;
  • Two (2) recommendation letters: one from Greece (if possible) and one from abroad. In case applicants have no contact with any persons in Greece, they may send two (2) recommendation letters from abroad. The letters of recommendation must be strictly addressed to the Onassis Foundation: Fellowships Program for International Scholars. Please note that photocopies of letters of recommendation will not be accepted. The letters can be included in the candidate’s file or be sent directly by post to the Foundation.
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For more information, visit Onassis Foundation Fellowship.


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