University of Ghana Agriculture Engineering Courses – 2nd Edition

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University of Ghana Agriculture Engineering Courses – 2nd Edition:

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AREN 309: Soil and Water EngineeringIntroductory Concepts: soil water potential concepts; potential distribution of soil water under field conditions; methods of soil water determinations; soil water retention curves; hysteresis. Soil Water Flow: flow of water in model systems – tubes and pipes… AREN 308: Agricultural Machinery TechnologyThe performance and design characteristics of crop establishment, protection, harvesting and handling equipment, the selection of suitable machinery to meet the performance requirements of various agricultural operations. Tillage: Objectives of tillage,…
AREN 307: Farm Structures and Environmental engineeringDifferent types of on-farm structures. Planning of a farm structure: selection and preparation of site, layout and design. Building materials: selection, properties, wood, plywood, earth as a building material. Elements of construction, frames. Structures for… AREN 306: Hydrology and Water Resources ManagementComponents and processes of natural hydrologic systems, Hydrologic cycle, Precipitation and snow melt. Infiltration. Storm frequency and duration analysis. Hydrograph analysis. Frequency and probability with application to precipitation and floods….
AREN 305: Heat TransferBasic definitions, introduction of the different modes of heat transfer. Conduction of heat transfer; Fourier’s law, steady state heat transfer, heat transfer through plane walls, cylinders and spheres.  Electrical analogy, heat transfer through… AREN 304: Soil MechanicsClassification, Definition, Compaction, Effective Stress, Steady State, Flow nets, Anisotropic flow, One-dimensional compression, One-dimensional settlement, One-dimensional consolidation, Numerical solutions, Elasticity of soils, Settlement of foundations,…
AREN 303: Animal ProductionRefer to College of Basic and Applied Sciences Curriculum for course details and prerequisites. AREN 302: Agricultural Materials HandlingPrinciples, concepts, definitions and importance, classification of agricultural materials (fluids, semi-fluids unitized).  Conveying – classification of conveying equipment; methods of conveying; types of conveying equipment; reliability of conveyers;…
AREN 301: Soil and Crop Mechanics Application to MechanizationThe application of soil mechanics principles to the design of soil engaging equipment for tillage and earthmoving, methods for predicting performance and results of detailed field and laboratory studies on soil profiles and soil disturbance. Physical… AREN 204: Internship (Industrial practice II)Prerequisite: Level 200 standing
Second year attachment with industry.


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