University of Ghana List of Agriculture Engineering Courses

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University of Ghana List of Agriculture Engineering Courses: list of Agriculture Engineering Courses at University of Ghana.

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AREN 203: Introduction to Crop ProductionRefer to the College of Basic and Applied Sciences Curriculum for course details of CROP 201: Introduction to Crop Production and prerequisites. CROP 201 is taken inplace of AREN 203 for now. AREN 202: Physical and Engineering Properties of Biological MaterialsPhysical characteristics: Shape, size, weight, volume, surface area, density, porosity, color, appearance, drag coefficient, center of gravity. Mechanical properties: Hardness, compressive strength, tensile strength impact resistance, compressibility, shear…
AREN 201: Engineering SurveyingDefinitions and types of surveying.  Principles, field surveying, leveling instruments, differential and profile leveling, contours, map work, scale, reading and interpreting maps. Theodolite and its applications. Description of the Instrument… AREN 102: Engineering DrawingAdvance Isometric drawing. Graphic presentation of materials’ cross-sections: metals, solid materials, non-metallic, wood (along and across grains), glass, liquid and panel. Machine design drawings: Bolts, nuts, screws thread, auger development….
AREN 101: Engineering GraphicsIntroduction to the history of drawing, drawing instruments, scales, lettering and drawing lines. Orthographic Projections: Points, lines and planes. Projections of points, lines and figures on planes.  Intersections of lines: Intersections of lines with…


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